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A to Z Project Planning Solution

If you are planning to open a new food-processing factory, Dima Trading and its 20 years experience can assist you on that aspect.

Planning should always start with a process and at DimaTrading, we assist you in the different phases:

Identifying your needs

Raw materials processing, finished product packaging, etc. Basically, understanding everything in that plant and what it does so we could advise you on each meat/poultry/ingredients products and equipment that is available in the market for that particular country.

Identifying your challenges

Each countries offers different challenges and our job it's to assist you in facing them with the best available products for your factory locally.

Safety, Sanitation, Environment could also be a challenge in some part of the world and specific equipment are available in the market to reduce this challenge

In other words, Dima Trading would become your in Sourcing Department for materials, machine, equipment and raw food/ingredients products for your entire production line.


If you require support for your new factory,
please contact us at info@dimatrading.com or
at +1 (305) 274 7010 / 8877
and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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